Michael Miller

Michael Miller is the writer and creative force behind Movies in Paradise. He aspires to reach a wide audience through his wholesome and intriguing film concepts. With the help of his editor, he is currently adapting one of his screenplays, Fault Line into a 300 page novel and hopes to have it available for on-line sales by the end of 2015.

Michael has lived on Kauai since the 70’s and was involved in many film productions on the island. He has written magazine articles, worked in business promotions and the selling of print advertising for 30 years.

For the past ten years he originated and is publishing “Adventure and Romance Magazine” and “The Coupon Books” on both Kauai and the Big Island.

Besides these four semi-annual, printed publications, Michael also has Coupon Book web sites for both Maui and Lake Tahoe, where he hopes to establish print publications there as well.

All of these publications and web sites can be viewed from: www.kauairoamnce.com

With the help of his dedicated and creative staff, he has created four print platforms and web sites for advertising clients to target-market visiting couples and families as well as those looking for ways to save money on their vacation.

He has excelled in knowing what the public wants and helps advise hundreds of advertising clients in marketing and promoting to the Hawaii and Lake Tahoe travelers.

Michael has written four finished screenplays and is expanding into the film media. With help from his film partners, he will soon start filming a local, feature-length production of Hawaiian Time a romantic comedy, which he wrote and will co-produce.

In his spare time he enjoys surfing, watersports and other outdoor activities.

He can be reached via his email: Click Here

Mario Perez

Mario Perez is working with MIP and is an accomplished professional photographer in the state of Hawaii. He has been in the industry for over 30 years and has worked in various positions of photography and production. He’s had the opportunity to work with numerous acclaimed Actors and Directors. He has a broad based understanding of television and film projects and carries with him an unmatched level of professionalism and discretion.

Whether he is shooting a private session or commercial venture, his ability to stay calm and put his subjects at ease is a trait that many recognize and appreciate. In his free time, he enjoys finding inspiration in the beauty that surrounds him, on the island that he loves, Kauai.

Mario can be reached via his email: mario@hawaiilink.net

Larry Garrett


Larry has more than forty years of experience as a writer, director and producer on a wide variety of film and video projects for corporate and not-for-profit groups including work for Sprint, American Multi-Cinema (AMC), The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the U.S. National Park Service, Cerner, Waddell & Reed, Mariner Wealth Management and many others.

His broadcast work includes service as writer/director/producer for 52 episodes of “CinemaKC” a 30-minute television show focusing on independent filmmakers in the Midwest. In 2010 he won an EMMY for his work writing and directing segments of the PBS Documentary, “The Next American Dream”.

In addition to his corporate and documentary work, since 2006 he has been writing and producing feature films. Since his initial feature, “Ambrose Bierce: Civil War Stories” starring Campbell Scott, the trailer for which can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qYr3Oz5_M4, he has produced and/or written 8 other films.

These include “Harley’s Hill”, “Seeker & Fetch”, “The Stray”, “Trooper and the Legend of the Golden Key”, “Chihuahua Too”, “Christmas Colt” and “Rodeo & Juliet.”

His most recent project was “A Midsummer’s Hawaiian Dream”, filmed on Oahu in 2016.


Angela Tillson

Native of Bogota, Colombia, raised in New York. She’s also lived Alaska, Hawaii and Thailand, as an avid world traveler and photographer. She first fell in love with exploring new and exciting places while traveling with the doctors in her family going from Bogota into the countryside healing the local people.

Angela attended Alaska Pacific University and Kauai Community College.

In the early1980’s, she worked as a one of the only woman doing outdoor construction work as a roustabout / ice road trucker on the bearing for an oilfield company. She joined forces and partner up with Ocean Park Productions & Northern Stage Productions as a concert promoter in Alaska, California and Hawaii.

Her bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led her to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles.

In 1989, she opened up her own company, A Whale of A Time Productions hiring herself out as a Sound and Light tech, designing theme parties and a stage manager for entertainment at the numerous corporate conventions in the state. As a volunteer fundraiser for the Hawaii International Film Festival, she was introduced to the film industry and was picked up as an assistant to LA location manager and production coordinator, the rest is history. In 1998, she acquired CASTING*KAUAI as a casting director providing talent to film productions, sports events, VIP parties. She’s worked in the film industry now for over 28 years through out the State of Hawaii, California and Cannes, France, has been involved with many of the blockbusters movies: Jurassic Park, Lost World, Avatar, Jurassic Park 3, 6 days / 7 Nights, Tropic Thunder, Just Go With It, The Descendants plus many music videos, TV shows, fashion shoots, extreme sport shoots, national commercials and international travel shows.

Noah Hamilton
Cell: 808.652.7667 noahhamiltonphoto@mac.com

IATSE Local 600 2nd AC & *Unit Stills Photography


The Tiger Rising – (Tiger Rising, INDIE) (2019)
• 2nd AC with 1st Mark Killian (Sony Venice, Key 1st Josh Clauss)

Finding Ohana – (Netflix) (2019)
• 2nd AC with 1st Mark Boylee Boyle (Panavision DLX2 B Camera, Key 1st EJ Misisco)

Same Time Next Christmas – (Disney/Freeform) (2019)
• 2nd AC with 1st Matt Berner (Alexa XT, B Camera, Key 1st Jeff Lorenzo)

Hobbs And Shaw – (Universal Studios, Hawaii Unit) (2019)
• 2nd AC with Jason Jensen (VFX Unit & Main Unit, Key 1st Jimmy Jensen)

Godzilla vs Kong – (Legendary, Hawaii Unit) (2018)
• Add’l 2nd AC (2nd Unit, Key 1st David Seekins)

2 Hearts – (Indie, Hawaii Unit) (2018)
• 2nd AC (Alexa Mini, A Camera)

Triple Frontier – (Universal Pictures/Netflix, Hawaii Unit) (2018)
• 2nd AC (2nd Unit, Key 1st David Seekins)

Jumanji – 2nd Unit (Columbia Pictures) (2016)
• 2nd AC with 1st Matt Berner (Alexa XT, Talon head, OP Nino Pasini, Key 1st Brad Peterman)

Snatched – (Twentieth Century Fox Film) (2016)
• Unit still photographer (Gallery shoot of Amy Schumer)

Kong: Skull Island – 2nd Unit (Universal/Legendary) (2015)
• 2nd AC with 1st Brad Edmiston (Alexa Mini, Stedicam Henry Tirl/Colon Hudson, Ket 1st GREG

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates (Fox Searchlight) (2015)
• 2nd AC (day player 1st & 2nd unit, Alexa XT)

Pali Road (Life Unknown Productions) (2015)
• Unit Stills (5D Mark 3, Behind the scenes, Gallery shoot)

Nail Clipper Romance (Making Films Productions) (2014)
• 2nd AC (Red Dragon)

Jurassic World – (Universal Pictures, Hawaii Unit) (2014)
• 24 Frame Video Operator (Shot park surveillance footage that plays in film)

Soul Surfer (Tri-Star/Sony) (2010)
• Unit Stills Photographer


His Dark Materials (HBO) Season 2 (2020)
• 1st AC (Sony Venice, 2nd Unit B-roll and VFX Plates)

Hawaii 5-0 (CBS) Season 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (2014-2020)
• 2nd AC (on going Day Player)

Surf Break Hotel – Episodic Pilot (Abominable Pictures) (2016)
• 1st AC (c300)

‘Are You The One?’ (MTV, Season 1-8) (2013-19)
• Camera Assistant (Sony FS7)

Hawaii 5-0 (CBS Season 1-2) (2011)
• Unit Stills (Day Player)


Hawaiian Telcom (Anthology) (2017)
• 1st AC Shawn Hiatt (Alexa Mini)

LITS Japan (Magic Island Productions) (2017)
• 2nd AC (Red)

American Air/Barclays USA (B-REEL FILMS) (2016)
• 2nd AC (Red )

First Insurance Hawaii (Moana Productions) (2016)
• 2nd AC (Alexa Mini, Amira, Ronin)

Oakley Commercial (Sight&Sound Studios) (2016)
• 2nd AC (Alexa, Ronin)

Asahi Commercial (Yomiko) (2016)
• 1st AC (Alexa Mini, WCU-4, Cooke Primes)

Halsey – Music Video (Capital One Records, Island Film Group) (2015)
• 1st AC (Alexa)

Disney Aulani-Commercial (Island Film Group) (2015)
• 2nd AC (Alexa, data management)

Kirin-Commercial (Production Partners Inc)(2015)
• 2nd AC (Alexa)

Davidoff Cool Water Commercial (Believe Media) (2014)
• 2nd AC (Phantom Hydroflex)


Brad Edmiston (1st AC-Kong): 949-400-6906 bradedmiston@gmail.com

Brad Peterman (Key 1st AC-Jumanji): 310-344-0498

David Seekins (1st AC Jurassic,Triple Frontier):323-376-1180 seekins@mac.com



-AKS gear, Hilti ,p-touch, standby cover, tools, lens wraps, filter pouches, BNC.

-Small HD702 Bright monitor, large and small Noga arm, and accessories.

-Yeager camera cart: with Mitchel mount w/sticks holder, Dovetail mount w/RBQ, accessories deck trough, battery block trough, Stedicam mount, Sportbrella with holder. $80/day 3 day week

-Yeager lens cart $60/day 3 day week

-Dumb and insert slates

– Multiple Pelican Cases: small and big, run bags, and ditty bags.

– Marks bag

– Misc rain gear and umbrellas to protect from weather/elements of Hawaii.

FullBox rentallistavailableuponrequest$50dayas2nd,$100as1st.

William Britt

William Britt was educated in advertising design and graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

His success in the field of Advertising Design is evidenced by his continued accomplishments and the awards he has received from companies over the years, including Hawaii’s 5iveO New Product Designs, Heineken Beer Company in Amsterdam, and the Oil Drilling Industry in Houston, Texas.

In addition to working with several advertising agencies in Jacksonville, Florida, he has produced licensed Playboy and Air New Zealand product designs through a California formalwear company, created designs for apparel companies Nexus and The Wildside, and was employed by Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri as an artist.

Relocating from Florida to Dallas, Texas, William formed Paniolo Press a silkscreen company which produced hand screened greeting cards, prints and products for local Dallas specialty shops. Upon moving to Kauai, his focus returned to advertising and illustration as he now continues to specialize in magazine layout, website and advertising design. He is currently employed by Kauai Adventures and Romance Magazine as Art Director, designer, pre-press productions coordinator as well as website designer and administrator.

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