Michael E. Miller is the author of six, 100 page screenplays:

Please see below of my 8 feature-length screenplay short synopsis’s for your consideration. Life After Life, The Redneck & The Robot, Hawaiian Time, Fault Line, Things Unseen, White Fox-Tree of Life, The Last Menehune and The Endangered. The Endangered is also adapted for a TV Pilot and two sequels.

These screenplays are of different genres and budgets but are all inspirational stories, with wide-audience, commercial appeal. See below for my contact information.


Genre: Faith Drama
Inspired by True Events

A near death experience results in life changes.
Davo Jennings, the rebellious son of a pastor, enjoys his life as a successful horror novel author. After a car accident, which results in a near death experience, Davo is sent to Hell where demons torment him but Jesus rescues him and brings him to Heaven. Jesus warns Davo that he must change. Davo agrees and meets his deceased grandfather who takes him on a spectacular tour of Heaven. When Davo returns to his body, after being dead for two hours, he faces new life decisions with his work and relationships. He stops writing horror books and suffers rejection from his friends. He has to deal with many difficulties, while staying true to his newfound faith.


Genre: Modern Western Sci-fi Dramedy

By-line: Opposites attract when a roughneck cowboy falls in love with a human-like android. Can they love each other despite differences and social judgment?
Hank Lewis, a widowed cattle rancher in West Texas, can’t find love. When a friend suggests a female robotic companion, Hank orders one. The beautiful humanoid is better than expected and he names her Lila and teaches her to act like a Texan human. Lila helps him around the ranch and he falls in love with her. When military contractors show up to take her back, Hank and Lila hideout in the hills. Attacked and surrounded, Lila becomes a high-grade weapon firing on their enemy. The couple escapes, but when an aerial drone fires at them, she saves Hank’s life at the cost of her own, or so it seems…


Genre: Romantic Comedy
Different values make love complicated.  

In this family-friendly romance, Mike, a down-on-his-luck L.A. paparazzo, has to find a celebrity wedding on the island of Kauai. On his first trip to the island, he learns about the Hawaiian culture and makes friends with local residents. In his search for the wedding, he meets Ku’uipo, an attractive, part-Hawaiian woman. When her ethics collide with his job, Mike must make a choice. After an accident, where he nearly drowns, he experiences a shift in his thoughts and feelings. He chooses Ku’uipo over his job and their romance begins. On one of their adventures, Mike incidentally finds the celebrity wedding. He decides to take the prized photos. Ku’uipo sees him, becomes furious and they break up. Now, Mike must truly decide between financial promise and true love.


Genre: Family Friendly Drama

Ancient myths abound about the legendary Polynesian Menehune, but what if one still existed today?

Keoki, age 28, is three-feet tall. He has the gene of the ancient Menehune passed to him from his ancestors. He is strong and healthy, enjoying his life in a secluded jungle treehouse on the island of Kauai. A tourist family from SoCal visits the beach near Keoki’s camp. The college-aged daughter, Tara, goes for a swim, when suddenly a rip current catches her. Keoki hears her cries for help and rescues her. Over the course of the week, Keoki, Tara, and her brother develop a friendship as they explore the island and Keoki shows them remote spots. They become acquainted with Keoki’s family and the Hawaiian culture. Tara is especially fascinated by the history of the Menehune. When Tara and her brother hike into a remote valley, a flood occurs. Keoki and his brothers rescue them, but Keoki dies saving Tara. After his tragic death, Tara studies the Menehune culture more in depth and years later visits Polynesia to trace Keoki’s ancestry.


Genre: Action Adventure

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is home to Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano. In the early 2000s, a group of North Korean terrorists hijack a busload of U.S. Korean War Veterans, threatening to ignite explosives in fault zones, if the U.S. doesn’t meet the terrorists’ demands. The U.S. Special Forces, with the assistance of geologists Tom and Susan Andrews, must rescue the hostages through underground lava tubes. While Tom and Susan rekindle the love in their marriage, they also fight to stop the “ticking-clock.” The terrorists ignite the explosives, setting off eruptions on the Big Island and a catastrophic tsunami.


Genre: Suspense Thriller
(Inspired by true events)

How can you tell if a spirit or ghost is who they say they are?

Sean and Kelly, a young married couple, move into their first home and discover a suicide took place there many years ago. Through hauntings, dreams, apparitions and a channeler medium, they find out the spirit of the deceased was actually murdered. The spirit helps the couple find the evidence they need to convict the murderer. Peace returns to couple’s home. Years later, and hours before the death penalty is to be carried out for the murderer, the spirit returns, bringing other spirits. The hauntings increase as the couple realizes they must act quickly to try to save an innocent, wrongly-convicted man.


Genre: Action Adventure Drama

When finding forgiveness and redemption nearly ends in disaster.

An ex-Special Forces Commander, with post-traumatic stress is tormented by a tragic military mishap where innocent children died under his protection. Years later, he meets a love interest whose daughter has been kidnapped. In an attempt to exorcize his demons and find her daughter, he accepts a contract to locate and rescue a group of missing children. He assembles a team to locate her child and other missing children held in South America, soon to be trafficked away intentionally. After him and his mercenary daring rescue, his financier betrays them and reliving his past tragedy seems imminent. But at the last minute they escape, rescuing all the children and he confronts the financier in a deadly battle…


Genre: Action Drama

Can one woman save the Earth from climate change?
While hiking in a secluded Hawaii valley, Libby, a female explorer, discovers a mysterious fruit tree. Hungry, she eats its fruit. From the fruit, and due to her unique genetic make-up, she acquires super-human physical and mental abilities. While she learns more about the fruit, she sets out on a quest to save the environment from the fruit being used as a fossil fuel substitute. But powerful, traditional fuel and alternative energy companies join forces to stop her. Libby must fight to save her own life, and the people she loves, as well as rescue the planet from imminent destruction.


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