Michael E. Miller is the author of six, 100 page screenplays:

Genre: Action Adventure

Can one woman save the Earth from climate change?

A female explorer finds a mysterious tree in a secluded Hawaii valley and eats the fruit. From the fruit (due to her unique genetic make-up), she acquires super-human physical and mental abilities. She sets out on a quest to save the planet from overheating, by processing an enzyme from the fruit, to use as a fossil fuel substitute. But powerful, conventional fuel companies join forces to violently stop her. She must fight to save her own life and those she loves as well as our planet.

Genre: Modern Western Dramedy

Opposites attract despite opposition as a roughneck cowboy falls in love with an android. But can she love him despite their differences and outside forces?

A widowed cattle rancher can’t find love and orders a female robotic companion.
He teaches the beautiful humanoid her to act like a Texan. She helps him around the ranch and he falls in love with her. When a team of military contractors show up to take her back, they hideout in the hills. Attacked, she becomes a high-grade weapon, firing on their enemy and escaping. When a predator drone fires at them, she saves his life at the cost of her own or so it seems…

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Different values make love complicated.

A down-on-his-luck L.A. paparazzi is tasked to find a celebrity wedding on the island of Kauai, where he searches for the wedding and meets an attractive local girl. Her morals collide with his assignment as he unexpectedly finds the wedding and takes his photos. He must then choose between true love and his job.

Similar: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, In The Mix, Guess Who

Genre: Action Adventure

Nothing like saving the planet to fire up a marriage.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the world’s most active volcano is where North Korean terrorists hijack a busload of U.S. Korean War Veterans and ignite explosives in the volcano fault zones. U.S. Special Forces intervene, with a husband and wife geologist team, they rescue the hostages held in underground lava tubes. But the terrorists ignite more explosives, setting off catastrophic eruptions and a devastating tsunami.

Similar: Volcano, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dante’s Peak

Genre: Suspense Thriller
(Based on a true story)

There is only one way to tell if a ghost is lying…

A young couple move into their first home, discovering a suicide took place there years ago. Through dreams, apparitions and a channeler medium, they believe the deceased was actually murdered. Finding evidence to convict the murderer, peace returns to their home. Later, hours before the death penalty is to be carried out, they realize they were deceived and must save an innocent man.

Similar: Ghost, Phenomenon, The Sixth Sense 

Genre: Action Adventure Drama
(A feature-length screenplay. Also adapted for a TV Pilot, with two episode sequels)

When finding forgiveness and redemption nearly ends in disaster.

An ex-Special Forces Commander, with post-traumatic stress, meets a love interest with an abducted daughter. He accepts a contract to rescue a group of missing children, hoping her child will be among the missing. But when his financier betrays him, he fears his past tragedy is about to repeat itself.

Similar:  Frantic, Taken, Man on Fire

Genre: Drama
Inspired by True Events

When a near death experience results in life changes.

Davo Jennings is the rebellious son of a pastor and a successful horror novel author. Davo has a tragic car accident which results in a near death experience. While unconscious, demons torment him in Hell, but Jesus rescues him and brings him to Heaven. Jesus warns him that he must change and Davo repents. Davo’s deceased grandfather gives him a tour of Heaven. When he returns, after nearly two hours of being in that near death state, Davo must now face life-changing decisions and deal with difficult situations, while staying true to his newfound faith and beliefs.

Genre: Family Friendly Dramedy
Myths abound about the legendary Polynesian Menehune, but what if one really existed today?
Keoki (28), who stands 3ft tall, has the gene of Menehune passed to him from his ancestors. He is strong and happy, living in a secluded jungle treehouse on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. When a tourist family visits the beach near Keoki’s camp, the daughter, Tara (19), goes for a swim. Caught in rip current she is swept out. Keoki hears her cries for help and rescues her. His friendship with Tara and her brother develops as Keoki shows them around the island. They become acquainted with Keoki’s family and the Hawaiian culture. When Tara and her brother hike into a remote valley, a flood occurs. Keoki and his brothers rescue them, but Keoki drowns saving Tara.


All Seven Screen Plays are written by: Michael E. Miller
Phone: (808) 822-9596 – Cell: (808) 639-7524
Mailing Address: 5337 Makaloa St., Kapaa, HI 96746
Via Email: Click Here

Originally from Los Angeles, Mr. Miller resides on Kauai, where he owns and publishes several visitor magazines. He frequents the L.A. area often and can be contacted directly or through his entertainment attorney, Thomas Difloure: (310) 823-8052.

All five of Mr. Miller’s completed screenplays are copy written and registered at the US Federal Bureau of Conveyances.

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