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Screenplay: HAWAIIAN TIME Romantic/Comedy

Mike Stevens is an LA based photo journalist assigned to find a secret, celebrity wedding on Kauai, Hawaii. While under financial pressure with his spec home remodel, he accepts the offer. It’s his first trip to Kauai, where he experiences the unique culture and in so doing becomes attracted to a local girl, Kuuipo.

Together, Mike and Kuuipo venture out to find the wedding. But when she realizes that he is a paparazzi, she becomes angry. In her culture weddings are sacred, that deserve respect and privacy. She gives Mike an ultimatum – if he continues to look for the wedding, he cannot date her. He agrees, putting his job and a large cash bonus in jeopardy.

They go on dates and nature outings together, falling deeply in love. Over the course of their relationship, Mike learns about Hawaiian lifestyles as he spends time with her and her family. He tries to understand their Pidgin-English slang and obscure, “Dakine” Hawaiian sub-culture.

On a family outing together, Mike and Kuuipo boat to and camp at a remote coastal valley. Unbeknownst to them, a yacht anchors offshore. It’s the celebrity couple, Mike had been in pursuit of, arriving for their private, sunset beach wedding. Astonished at his good fortune, he forgets his promise to Kuuipo and films them. She sees him do it which angers her. They argue and break-up.

As a result, Mike must hike out of the valley alone, while reminiscing about Kuuipo and knowing that he must choose between his budding career in LA or a new life and love on Kauai.

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Originally from Los Angeles, Mr. Miller has resided on Kauai since the 70’s, where he publishes several successful visitor magazines. He frequents the L.A. area often and can be contacted directly or through his Entertainment Attorney, Thomas Difloure, (310) 823-8052. All of Mr. Miller’s completed screenplays are registered and copy righted at the U.S. Federal Bureau of Conveyances.

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