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Michael E. Miller is the author of five, 100 page screenplays:

Genre: Romantic Comedy Western

Can a cowboy find true love with a robot and can she love him back?

Hank Lewis, a widowed rancher and cowboy, who can’t find love in Texas. When a friend suggests a female, robatic companion, he orders one. The beautiful, humanoid is better than he imagined. He teaches her how to act like a Texan, she helps him with the ranch and he falls in love with her. When a team of military contractors show up to take her back, they hide in the hills. Surrounded, she becomes a weapon, who fires on their enemy and they escape. But when a predator drone fires on them, she saves Hank, at the cost of her own life.

Genre: Romantic/Comedy

Different values make love complicated…

Cultures clash when a paparazzi on his first trip to Hawaii, is assigned to find a celebrity wedding on Kauai and falls in love. For her, weddings are scared. So if he wants to date her, he must not film the wedding and he agrees. Satisfied, she shows him her island paradise as they fall deeply in love. On their last nature-date at a remote coastal valley, a luxury yacht anchors offshore. The celebrities (he was chasing), have arrived for their beach wedding and he takes their photos. She sees him, they fight and break-up. Now he must choose between true love or his lucrative job.

Similar to: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, French Kiss, & In the Mix

Genre: Action/Adventure

There’s nothing like saving the planet to fire up a marriage

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, is the world’s most active volcano, where North Korean terrorists hijack a busload of US Korean War Veterans and threaten to ignite explosives in fault areas, if the US doesn’t meet their demands. A husband and wife geologist team with marital problems, along with the US Special Forces, rescue the hostages through hidden lava tubes. But the terrorists ignite the explosives, setting off eruptions and a catastrophic tsunami.

Similar to: Olympus Has Fallen, Raiders of the Lost Ark, & Dante’s Peak

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

There is only one way to tell if a ghost or a spirit is lying.

A young couple move into a new home only to find out that years ago a suicide took place there. Through dreams and apparitions, the deceased ghost or spirit, tells them it was actually murdered. The couple finds evidence they need to convict the murderer and peace returns to their home. Years later, hours before the death penalty is to be carried out against the murderer, the ghost returns and they realize it deceived them. Now, they must race the clock to try to save an innocent man.

Similar to: What Lies Beneath, Dream House, & Stir of Echoes

Genre: Action/Drama

Forgiving yourself and finding redemption can take years.

Eric Tyler is an ex-Special Forces Commander, tormented by a military mishap where many innocent children died under his protection. Years later, he is contacted to find a missing child. He locates her and other children in a foreign country, before they are sold into human trafficking. During the rescue, the team’s financier betrays him, and he must face the fear of re-living the past.

Similar to: Frantic, Taken, Missing in Action, Conspiracy & Rage

All five Screen Plays are written by: Michael E. Miller
Ph: (808) 822-9596 – Cell: (808) 639-7524
5337 Makaloa St., Kapaa, HI 96746
Via Email: Click Here

Originally from Los Angeles, Mr. Miller resides on Kauai, where he owns and publishes several visitor magazines. He frequents the L.A. area often and can be contacted directly or through his entertainment attorney, Thomas Difloure: (310) 823-8052.

All five of Mr. Miller’s completed screenplays are copy written and registered at the US Federal Bureau of Conveyances.

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